Union County Juvenile Detention Center
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The mayor of Linden, NJ welcomed this new 80-bed juvenile detention center into his city, but cautioned us at the city council hearing: "I don't want to see any fence around this building". We embraced the mayor's injunction by designing a "thin" building - only one room deep - that wraps around a one-acre outdoor courtyard. By arranging all spaces along a common, glass-walled corridor, we also achieved our principal design goal of maximizing daylight in the interior. 

In designing this building it was important to create a "normative environment" that promotes positive behavior among the juveniles detained there and helps them make a successful transition back into the community.
Winner of 2011 NY-AIA Design Awards Citation, 2010 World Architecture New (WAN) Effectiveness Award; 2008 Merit Award from the NJ-AIA, where the design was described as demonstrating "Optimism that belies the building typology", and the 2009 AIA-AAJ Justice Facilities Review Citation Recipient for design excellence.