Las Cruces Federal Courthouse
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Development of the new Federal Courthouse in Las Cruces, NM is a major step to enhance the capabilities of the judicial system in this busy border city. Selected after a Vision design competition, Antoine Predock Architect partnered with BPLW Architects and Engineers and RicciGreene Associates designed a striking new image for the courts that refers to its dramatic setting at the foot of the Organ Mountains.

Composed primarily of District and Magistrate courts and chambers, with associated support space, the building is designed as a LEED Silver-rated building, with numerous passive and active features to mitigate its environmental impact. Its public face is designed to be open and inviting to the public, yet provide state of the art resistance to blast and other possible security threats. The massing approach frames the spectacular mountain views between two split halves of a stone "geode" that opens to expose the public spaces to the community and to the view.