Gulfport Federal Courthouse
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This new 200,000 SF building is organized to function efficiently, maximize views to the Gulf for the public and judges as well as mitigate the impact of its bulk on the nearby low-rise residential neighborhood. It houses a full range of federal agencies in the lower portion of the building, with the courtrooms and judges' chambers on the upper floors. The circulation systems are organized to provide separation between public, private and secure users while still providing daylight to courtrooms, chambers and public circulation spaces. RicciGreene Associates was responsible for programming, courts planning and design assistance to designers Kliment & Halsband Architects, associated with Canizaro Trigiani Architects. 

The building meets the challenges of the restricted site area, minimizes building hardening costs by employing setbacks and site intrusion measures and overcomes the urban design issue of a large institutional building into a low-rise neighborhood. A symbol of the important presence of the Federal government, the new design is an essential investment in the future of the Gulf region.