Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center
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Following our analysis of an emergency in Philadelphia's city and county prison system, Philadelphia requested our services to program and design its $50-million, two-phase prison complex. Accelerated scheduling techniques and extraordinary cooperation among the owner, joint-venture design team, and construction management team enabled our success in meeting fast-track target dates for both phases of work. 

The Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC) was among the first "direct-supervision" jails designed on the East Coast and was the first of its kind in Pennsylvania. Sunny corridors, brightly painted dayrooms, well-equipped gymnasium and industrial work areas, all influenced by the architect, were unusual amenities for correctional facility design at that time. Architectural Record said, "For those familiar only with the jails of late-night movies; endless cellblocks, rusted bars and roving guards who rule by the might of their batons, the PICC's innocuous institutional look and the emphasis on the officers' interpersonal skills are unexpected."