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Investments and Dividends: My Chance Encounter

by April Pottorff >

April Pottorff's chance encounter with a former inmate, and the real world value of a sustainable justice system.

Improving the Creative Process to Achieve Innovation

by Stacey Wiseman >

Stacey Wiseman discusses how perceived weakness or constraints of any design challenge can be upended to strengthen and unlock the creative process.

Our Kodak Moment: Balancing our Social Responsibility with Profitability

by April Pottorff >

April Pottorff, FAIA, discusses trends and opportunities within the justice industry, including evolution of the detention equipment industry to embrace new trends and meet the future needs of corrections customers.

Security and the Courthouse

by Frank Greene >

Frank Greene, FAIA, summarizes different strategies and case studies for securing court facilities as presented at the Building Court Security (Construire la Securite des Lieux de Justice) Conference in Paris.

Segregation Housing, Use not Abuse

by Frank Greene >

As a result of the recent International Corrections and Prison Association (ICPA) conference, Frank Greene looks into the emerging best practices in the use of disciplinary segregation of inmates.

Executive Research Tours Inspire Innovation

by April Pottorff >

April Pottorff reflects on a research tour, raising questions about the future of courthouse planning and design.

PAY IT FORWARD – It’s Our Professional Duty: The Next Generation of Justice Leadership

by April Pottorff >

April Pottorff reflects on her own arc from mentee to mentor, the importance of mentoring young professionals, fostering their growth in the field of justice architecture and introducing AAJ's first profile.

Juvenile Justice - A Look Back and a Way Forward: Creating an Environment that Promotes Positive Outcomes for Youth

Featured in Juvenile and Family Justice TODAY, a quarterly publication of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ).

Justice Goes Green

by Kenneth Ricci >

American Jails article highlighting the greening of corrections and the Sustainable Justice 2030: Green Guide to Justice

Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System

by Frank Greene >

Corrections Today article on the greening of corrections. With Mindy Feldbaum and Sherry Carroll.

Sustainable Justice 2030: Green Guide to Justice

by Frank Greene >

The Academy of Architecture for Justice of the American Institute of Architects (AAJ/AIA) developed this white paper as a proposition for the role of the justice system in contributing to the continuing viability of our society.

The Jail Facility: Agent of Change in the Reentry Process

As featured in American Jails magazine March/April 2009 issue, by April Pottorff and Laura Maiello

The Public Patron as Champion

by Frank Greene >

As featured in Oculus Winter '07/'08

A Systemic Approach to Sustainability

by Kenneth Ricci >

For detention facilities, sustainable design begins with the question, "How small -- rather than how large -- should we build our new jail?" By addressing this topic, we take a key step toward sustainability.

New Paradigms: European Courts

by Frank Greene >

A recent visit to French, Belgian, European and international courts made clear the distinct differences between the European and American approaches to providing facilities for the justice system. This article highlights these differences and similarities. With Dennis McFadden, FAIA.

Courthouses as Anchors for Communities

by Frank Greene >

As featured in Retrospective of Courthouse Design: 1991-2001

What County Commissioners Can Do About Overcrowding in Their Jails

by Kenneth Ricci >

As adapted from an article in The Prison Journal, Volume LXI, No. 2, Pennsylvania Prison Society.